Note: SJB Hair and Makeup work with a team of carefully selected freelance hair and makeup stylists. SJB Hair and Makeup will manage the booking process, initial deposit payment and any enquiries but stylists are not SJB Hair and Makeup employees. All stylists are freelance stylists and have their own insurance.

1. Delivery of Services (All):

SJB Hair and Makeup hereby agrees to perform hair and/or makeup services (as discussed) for client at your specified event in a professional manner. Where required SJB Hair and Makeup may utilise one or more of its assistants to complete the event in a timely and efficient manner. We are not responsible for the impact on the final product of any interference caused by guests or other vendors at the event.

If any of the SJB Hair and Makeup team is exposed to (i) unsafe conditions, or (ii) objectionable or illegal acts at the Event, we reserve the right to take reasonable action to remedy such a situation, including but not limited to leaving the Event. In such event, we shall not be obligated to refund any of the fees paid by Client because of such action.

1. Booking process & securing a date (All)

  • Booking enquiries MUST be made via the relevant contact form
  • SJB Hair and Makeup will supply a quote and confirm availability once your enquiry and all relevant information has been received.
  • Once you have confirmed you want to book with SJB Hair and Makeup you will be required to pay a booking fee (Weddings) £50 minimum (Special Occasions) £25 minimum, (Makeup Lessons) £50 minimum. The amount will be confirmed on enquiry
  • The booking fee covers all administration, saves dates and secures the best available artist. Please note that the booking is not final until the booking fee has been paid in full and SJB Hair and Makeup has confirmed receipt in writing.
  • The booking payment must be paid within 48 HOURS of availability being confirmed, after this time you will need to recheck availability.
  • The booking fee is non refundable and non transferable and shall be applied toward the total fee for the services and will be set out in the payment schedule.
  • Once the booking fee is received SJB Hair and Makeup will then commit to being available to client on that date (subject to non-payment, reasonable emergencies and force majeure events).

1a. Wedding day minimum booking (Weddings)

  • To book SJB Founder Samantha there is a minimum booking of adults for a Friday/Saturday/Sunday wedding. A surcharge may apply if there are less than 3 adult clients including the bride. The surcharge will be charged at the rate of an additional adult bridesmaid, until the minimum of 3 adult clients is reached.
  • An agreement to look after groups smaller than the minimum is at my discretion.

2. Bridal Styling Session (Weddings)

  • Bridal Preview Styling Session should be taken around 3-4 months before the wedding date.
  • We ask you refrain from having children at your styling session and no more than one other accompanying adult, unless agreed.
  • Bridal pre wedding styling sessions take place Mon – Thursday at my Home Studio
  • Most hair and makeup practice session will be completed within 3 hours
  • At the end of your styling session you are required to pay SJB Hair and Makeup 50% of your total bridal costs, payable in cash on the day of the session or via bank transfer. Note this is a non refundable/ non transferable deposit.
  • If a styling session goes over 2 hours for hair OR makeup or 3 hours for hair and makeup, at our discretion we may charge an additional £30 per hour fee.
  • If you would like a second styling session there is a fee of at £100 per hour. On enquiry we will confirm the recommended time required.
  • Practice runs for bridesmaids and mothers are available upon request. They should be taken at the same time as the brides styling session and are payable on day directly to the artist. All payments for additional trials are non-refundable.
  • If you are undecided or not happy with the styling session and the artist is unable to achieve the look you desire, the fee for the styling session is payable direct to the artist on the day (non refundable).
  • In exceptional circumstances a SJB Hair and Makeup stylist may need to cancel a booking. This has never happened before but, if it does all attempts will be made to find an alternative stylist. If this is not possible, SJB Hair and Makeup will refund 100% of the deposit.

3. Changes to Bookings (All)

  • Once the booking details have been confirmed your booking numbers cannot be lowered. You have entered into an agreement based on the numbers given and therefore booking must be honoured as it was originally taken. Any changes must be agreed by SJB Hair and Makeup who will do her best to accommodate.
  • Notification should be given of any changes to the booking and styling session as soon as possible. This includes changes to location, dates and times. It is the clients’ responsibility to do this as we cannot guarantee stylists availability all day.
  • Changes must be confirmed in writing via email or telephone conversation and are not accepted as written notice until you have received a reply from Samantha. Please do not rely on texts as I do not always receive them.
  • Changes made to the number of services, if there are less people than the minimum or agreed number at time of booking the full price will still be charged.
  • Adding on extra people/larger bookings/early ceremony times may require an extra makeup artist and extra charges could apply.

3a. Change of trial date (All)

  • If you need to change your trial date we will do our best to find an alternative date. Artists do not book trials on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday mornings during peak times as we are busy with weddings. If you require one of these days you will need to agree this with Samantha in advance and will be sent confirmation in writing.

3b. Changes to those having trials (All)

  • Any changes made by the bride to a styling session must be made in writing 14 days before the date of the styling session. If changes result in the number attending being reduced, stylists have the right to change the time or date of the trial and any previous booking discounts or travel discounts may be void. Please inform Samantha of changes to confirm new costs.

3c. Change of wedding/event date (All)

  • If you need to move your wedding date, we will do our best to rebook the original artist for the new date or supply another available artist. If this is not possible then the usual cancellation fees apply and SJB Hair and Makeup shall be entitled to the deposit amount as liquidated damages for having to reschedule the event.
  • The deposit amount will need to be repaid upon booking the new date, subject to SJB Hair and Makeup availability.

3d. Change to number of clients (All)

  • A new price will be calculated based on our current price list to reflect any changes in the bridal party.
  • Please note that if the change results in the number of adults dropping below the minimum booking – the original and quoted price will apply.
  • Please note: Any discounts or offers will only apply at the time of booking and will not be applied to any changes.

3e. Change of location (All)

  • We may need to add a travel charge if the location changes. If the location changes dramatically we may need to send a different stylist if another stylist cannot be found we reserve the right to cancel the booking. If you have already had a styling session and would like another one with the new stylist the full charge will apply. The deposit is non-refundable.

4. Payments (Weddings)

  • The final balance should be paid by bank transfer no later than 4 weeks before the event date.
  • Please use your surname as a reference, and inform Samantha that you have made payment, who will then confirm receipt.
  • Remaining payments of the balance due for the services shall be made as set out in the payment schedule. In the event that client fails to remit payment as specified, SJB Hair and Makeup shall have the right to immediately terminate this Agreement with no further obligation to refund money (including the aforementioned retainer), to attend the Event.

5a. Cancellations (Weddings)

  • Bookings for weddings are usually made well in advance of the actual wedding date, late cancellations are almost impossible to resell and for that reason the following conditions apply.
  • In the event you need to cancel your wedding the deposit to secure the date will not be refunded. If you have had a styling session this will also not be refunded as the service has already been provided.
  • If you need to cancel the wedding less than 12 weeks before the wedding date, 100% of the wedding price must still be paid.
  • The balance is required to be paid 4 weeks before the wedding date, any late payments may result in extra costs.
  • If you have a complaint following your booking please direct this to Samantha.
  • Cancellation of the final booking by me or a member of the SJB Hair and Makeup Artistry Team will result in a refund of 100% of wedding day costs already paid by the client (excluding the styling session cost).
  • COVID CLAUSE: If you sadly have to reschedule your wedding/event due to government health advice in relation to a national or localised pandemic such as COVID-19, meaning you can no longer  fulfil your original plans due to reduced numbers or venue closure due to no fault of your own. I am willing to reschedule your booking to a new date within 12 months, subject to availability with no additional costs incurred. I will require as much notice as possible, no later than 28 days. For notice of postponement any later than 28 days, the usual cancellation policy will apply regardless of if your wishing to reschedule. This is charged due to loss of earnings at such short notice where tools, products and equipment costs plus admin fees will have already been laid out in advance.
  • If you wish to reschedule and your original Artist is not available on your new date, an Artist of the same or higher standard will take over the booking.

5b. Cancellations (Special Occasions/Makeup Lessons)

  • All deposits are non refundable
  • If you need to cancel the booking less than 12 weeks before the event date, 50% of the total price must still be paid.
  • If you need to cancel the booking 8 weeks before the event date 75% must still be paid.
  • If you need to cancel less than 6 weeks the full amount must still be paid.

6. Travel and Parking (All)

  • Travel is charged at 50p per mile for a return journey. This is applicable for both styling sessions for wedding, weddings day or any other booking. Prices are calculated from your local artist’s base.
  • If the job is within the London Underground network the cost of the appropriate daily travel card will be charged. You will be notified of the travel costs by Samantha on initial enquiry.
  • Travel should be paid directly to the artist by cash or bank transfer on the day of the booking.
  • Travel over 2 hour or earlier than 5am set off may incur additional charges.
  • Please ensure there is somewhere for the artist to park which is close by as she will be carrying equipment.
  • Any parking charges and congestion charges must be paid for by the client.
  • For destinations over an hours travel or an extremely early start accommodation may need to be provided, the cost for this must be covered by the client.
  • For international destinations, travel, transfers, extra luggage, accommodation, meals and insurance must be paid for.

7. Sunday and Bank Holidays

  • A 20% surcharge may added to the sub-total fee for any bookings that take place on a Sunday or Bank Holiday

8. Time (All)

  • Please ensure prior to your appointment you have freshly washed dry hair and a makeup free and moisturised face. That you have brushed your teeth, had sufficient food and drink and have made all relevant phone calls. Please notify me in advance if you wear contact lenses.
  • All the above take time that is allocated to the service resulting in me having to rush your service or making me late for another client.
  • For all services, if you are running late this will result in your service being rushed, cut short or may even result in your treatment not being carried out and still charged.
  • Most hair and makeup (non wedding) will be completed within 2 hours, Hair OR makeup 60 mins.
  • If your (non wedding) booking goes over 2 hours for hair and makeup or 1 hour for hair or makeup because you have requested more time at our discretion we may charge an additional £30 per hour fee.

9. Lashes

  • Lashes are included in the brides makeup or hair and makeup cost.
  • There is a additional fee for lashes and lash application for all other bridal party members having makeup or hair and makeup.
  • Lashes are applied with latex glue for easy removal do please notify me asap if anyone suffers with latex allergies.

10. Allergies

  • Please ensure you notify the stylist of any known allergies or illnesses that make cause a reaction to any hair or cosmetic product being applied.
  • Should you fail to mention this prior to treatment the artist will not be held responsible for any reactions.
  • The stylist has the right to refuse service to anyone suffering from anything that will compromise the health and safety of her products or herself such as cold sores, conjunctivitis etc.
  • If the makeup artist has already arrived at the appointment before this is discovered then the full price of treatment will still need to be paid.

11. Illness

  • if you or any member of your household has been unwell with any contagious such as flu or sickness and diarrhea please inform me prior to the appointment.
  • We have the right to refuse treatment and should the appointment not be able to be rebooked the full treatment price will need to be paid.

12. Prices

  • Prices are subject to change.
  • If you have been given a quote and your deposit has been paid to secure the booking, then should prices change your booking will not be affected.
  • If you have been given a quote and have NOT paid the deposit to secure the booking, should prices change your quote will be honoured for 2 days, after that the original quote will be void and you will be charged at the new prices.
  • Please note my prices are reasonable for the experience, quality of work, service, range of products in my kit.
  • Prices also include time for travel, unsociable hours, correspondence and paperwork.
  • I will aim to accommodate most budgets within reason if this is made clear on your first enquiry. If I am able to offer any discounts this will be at my discretion, please do not try to barter on price.

13. Liability

  • SJB Hair and Makeup is not liable for any suppliers that we recommend. The SJB Hair and Makeup Artistry Team are all fully insured with professional beauty & public liability insurance.

14. Model Release

  • If time allows we may ask to take photographs these may be used on social media and our website.
  • No wedding styling session or wedding pictures will appear on social media prior to the wedding.
  • I am happy for your photographer to take pictures of me at work, I do ask that you credit such photos.
  • Once you have received your professional photos back, if you are happy for me to use on my website, social media and blog then please email a descent resolution copy to
  • If professional or own photos are not to be used please ensure this is made clear and a note is made.
  • Client hereby agrees that SJB Hair and Makeup may reproduce, publish, exhibit, and otherwise use images from the Event for instructional or marketing purposes.

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