Top Tips on how to choose your wedding day hairstyle

For many, the wedding day will be the first time you will get to experience professional hair and makeup styling, which can be both exciting and daunting. With so many styles to choose from where do you even begin…

Well hopefully this guide will help with that process


  1. Use your wedding dress as a guide

Your wedding dress will be the main inspiration when considering what hairstyles to go for. For example, you may have a lot of details to showcase at the back in which case you may want to go hair up, or you may have an open neckline (sweetheart) in which case hair down.



  1. Start collecting images

There are so many images online you will never be short of inspiration. We encourage our brides to set up a Pinterest account and create yourself a hair and makeup board. Then you can get happy pinning images of styles. The luxury of this is that you can send the link to your board through to your hairstylist once and whenever you add anything the link automatically updates, saving you so much time.. and let’s face it who doesn’t want that.

This method will work for all your wedding suppliers and help you visualise your dream wedding.


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  1. Work with your hairstylist

When choosing hairstyles we ask our clients to simply select images you like, don’t worry if you have the right style, face shape, enough hair as it is our job as your hairstylist to work with you advising what additional pieces you may need and recommend which hairstyles will work best for you and your chosen wedding dress. All this information will be discussed at your bridal hair trial so you can feel confident in your chosen style and see how it looks on you.

  1. Consider the weather

Our final tip is to consider the time of year you are having your wedding and the possible weather. Warm weather it may feel too hot to have all your hair down, particularly if you have long thick hair and during the colder months, hair up might leave you feeling cold during those outside photographs.

Plenty of food for thought.


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