Amazonian Highlander Themed Wedding Day

Alternative Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist

I remember the first conversation  with bride Polly when she informed me of the theme of the wedding think “amazonian highlander” Polly said… drawing on her Scottish roots with a twist of the amazon and for not just one but two brides….

I set to work straight away to develop a look for Polly that would match her theme, wedding day outfit and personality…an of course the perfectly fitting wedding venue Lympne Castle.

Polly is the UK’s former strong woman and so it was really important to incorporate her strength of female character into the look.

Makeup –  we went with bold lines and strong colour and strong contour.. think Braveheart with a touch of tribal…
Hair – Polly had the shortest of hair and I wanted to create a main of hair for her for the day so using my fave CLIPIN hair extensions I was able to create a braided, mohawk into a crimped and messy ponytail.. I loved creating this and Polly loved having hair for the day.

Keran had equally as much fun creating Skylar’s look with a bold eye and even adding in a dreadlocks to Skylar’s once again very short hair… you wouldn’t even know…

The day itself was fun Polly and I were at the Castle getting her hair and makeup ready with her closet friend, whilst Keran was at Hythe Imperial with Skylar and her girl squad.

The day was a huge success with Paul Grace on Photography capturing so wonderfully all the wedding had to offer and Adam Rowley on videography check out his video from the day here.

Keran and I even got to attend the wedding ceremony… what a day.

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